Virtual Fundraising Ideas

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Fundraising

Givsum is your virtual fundraising ideas solution as COVID 19 has created challenges to running in-person events and activities.  Virtual events can occur entirely online with an unlimited number of participants and can happen on a single day or be ongoing.

3 Simple Steps for Virtual Setup: 

  1. From opportunity creation “Details,” select YES for a virtual meeting.   
  2. Paste in a virtual meeting link and password.  
  3. Paste in a video link for live presentations.    

11 Ideas for Virtual Events and Fundraising Campaigns

1. Virtual Comedy Clubvirtual fundraising ideas

This is a fun event if you know a comedian or have access to one.  You can sell tickets to the event and provide digital access to a live or pre-recorded video presentation.  The comic encourages everyone to make donations throughout the show, and you can follow-up after the show for further engagement.  EXAMPLE COMEDY EVENT

2. Virtual Live Auction

Much like a normal auction, items are sold to the highest bidder. The catch? Participants type their bid into the chat feature during a live-streamed auction. The auctioneer watches and reads out the numbers until the bids stop coming in. Items are then shipped to participants all over the country, saving the travel and transfer expenses of a normal auction.  EXAMPLE LIVE AUCTION EVENT

3. Virtual Garage Sale

Being quarantined at home for a few months now has probably made you antsy enough to do that “spring cleaning” you’ve been putting off for a few months. But now, what should you do with all of those items you discovered you no longer need? In this virtual event pictures of items are posted on a webpage and then sold to whoever wishes to purchase them. A great way to clean up the clutter in your own home while giving to others!  EXAMPLE GARAGE SALE EVENT

4. Student Care Packages

student care packageOne thing for certain this year is that schools are going to look very different this fall. The best way to prepare students for this is with care packages of what students are going to need in the classroom, at home and at school. This event would consist of two parts: those donating and those packing the backpacks (care packages). All donations will go towards buying school supplies. All backpacks will be donated to a partnered school or district.  EXAMPLE CARE PACKAGE EVENT

5. Game Night

Without new sports on tv, people are missing a little competition in their lives. Inspire friends and family to compete in a friendly virtual game night where participants battle it out against other teams in games like Family Feud, Jeopardy, and so many more! Or, if competition isn’t quite your style, just tune in to watch. EXAMPLE GAME NIGHT EVENT

6. Charity Runcharity run

Participants pledge to run, walk, or bike a set distance, fundraising on a per mile basis! You can even create teams and compete against each other to see who can raise the most for a charity of your choice.  EXAMPLE CHARITY RUN EVENT

7. Virtual Art Exhibit

Partnering with a website, like ThingLink for example, artists can donate their work and have it posted in a virtual gallery. Guests can attend and “walk through” the gallery and even purchase the artwork and support local artists!  EXAMPLE ART EXHIBIT EVENT

8. Virtual Concert or Speaker

This event functions similarly to the virtual comedy event! If you can partner with a performer or motivational speaker they can put on a virtual concert or speech. The guest star encourages everyone to make donations throughout the show, and you can follow-up after the show for further engagement.  EXAMPLE CONCERT OR SPEAKER EVENT

9. Tutoring

As the fall rapidlyRich results on Google's SERP when searching for "tutoring" approaches, it is becoming quite apparent that most education will continue virtually. However, this might put a strain on the parents who must keep working and don’t have time to follow up with their kids’ schoolwork. This event would create a mentorship program that would pair a student or students with a volunteer who can keep them on track with their assignments or with tutors who can offer supplemental learning to replace that lost in translation.  EXAMPLE TUTORING SETUP

10. Virtual Class

This event gives an expert the option to teach virtual zoom classes for whatever they specialize in, like cooking, painting, yoga, and more. The expert will live stream their class and participants can buy tickets before it. Participants can receive immediate feedback or help from the expert through their computer screens. Much easier than following a cooking video!  EXAMPLE CLASS

11. Virtual Pet Adoptionvirtual fundraising ideas

By partnering with a local animal shelter, this event advertises animals in need of new homes! Shelters can show the animals through the screen and explain a bit about them, responding to inquiries in real-time! You’re staying home more, so why not have more company?  EXAMPLE ADOPTION EVENT


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