Summer Fundraising Ideas for your Nonprofit!

by | May 12, 2021 | Fundraising

Summer is right around the corner! If your nonprofit has not already planned its summer fundraising event and need ideas, Givsum has you covered.

What’s the key to a successful summer charity fundraiser? It’s creating buzz around your event, of course! The best way to do that is to give your supporters the tools and encouragement to share your fundraising event through their personal social media accounts and email contacts. When your supporters share meaningful stories about your organization and its efforts, their friends are more likely to get involved and help, which will greatly increase the success of your fundraiser. Get your charitable organization’s supporters excited and encourage them to share your fundraising event through their social media sites and email.

How do we get your supporters to excitingly share your event? Make the event as fun and engaging as possible with these 10 charity summer fundraising ideas:

Ice Cream Social

summer fundraising ideas ice cream
Photo by JC Bonassin on Unsplash

July is National Ice Cream Month! In case that’s not reason enough to host an ice cream social for a good cause, the hot summer weather sure helps. Fundraise with an ice cream social by partnering with a local ice cream vendor to sponsor the event, or host do it yourself with a do-it-yourself sundae station. This fundraiser is sure to be a crowd pleaser with people of all ages!

Car Wash

Hold a classic summer fundraiser: a car wash! Partner with a local school or church and encourage supporters to share the event all over their social medias to spread the word. Make your car wash just that much more exciting by giving it a theme and/or selling refreshments while customers wait.

Fourth of July Fundraiser

summer fundraising ideas charity fourth of july
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With a fundraising event on the Fourth of July, the possibilities are endless! Rent a massive inflatable water slide, have a snow cone stand, host a watermelon eating contest, have attendees compete in a BBQ contest, sell popcorn, mini lighters, etc! Should I go on?

Scan attendees’ purchased items or simply check them in with automatic QR codes on their printed out tickets or on their mobile devices.

Summer BBQ

Whether it be on the Fourth of July or any other beautiful summer day, you can never go wrong with a great barbeque! Partner up with a local barbeque restaurant and sell tickets to the event. Attach meal items to tickets and sell them beforehand, or simply sell admission tickets to attend.

Get your supporters even more involved by stirring up some healthy competition: create a sign-up for people to bring their best barbeque and have a panel of judges to vote on the best smoked meats. Or, better yet, have the crowd vote! Send out an email to all attendees with a survey so that they can vote for their favorite barbeque.

Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments are fun all year round, but can be especially fun during the summertime. Sell tickets, collaborate with sponsors, partner up with food vendors, and create a fun event for a good cause!

Volleyball Tournament

summer fundraising ideas volleyball
Photo by kevin turcios on Unsplash

A volleyball tournament fundraiser is a great way to get folks moving while raising money for a great cause. To raise funds for your event, sell tickets to attend the event, sell t-shirts, and/or collect donations

Coastal Competition

Did you know that World Ocean’s Day is June 8th? If you live by the coast, take advantage of this day by setting up a “coastal competition” with beach games such as spikeball, cornhole, frisbees, volleyball, tug-o-war, or a ring toss. Have a sandcastle building contest and sell sandcastle building tools, sell t-shirts, or sell refreshments to raise money for a good cause.

Yoga for a Cause

“Ommmm!” June 21st is National Yoga Day! Yoga is a great way to unwind and relax, especially after the past stressful year we have all had. Contact your local yoga studio or ask your fellow yogi to teach a group class, donating the proceeds to your charitable organization or another nonprofit of choice.

Pool Party or Swim-A-Thon

pool party
Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash

What screams summer more than a pool party? Kill two birds with one stone by hosting an event that’s fun for attendees and raising money for your nonprofit!

Sell pool floaties, snacks, and refreshments, or make the fundraiser a swimming competition! Swim-a-thons are simple, in-pool summer fundraising idea where participants earn money by swimming lengths of the pool! Those that volunteer to compete can ask their network of friends, family, businesses, and neighbors to pledge an amount of money in the form of a donation per length, or make a flat donation in support of charitable organization!

Outdoor Benefit Concert or Show

Have any cool connections to a band or singer? Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather and host an outdoor benefit concert or show. You can even livestream the event for those who can’t make it in person and ask for donations during the livestream!

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