Best Nonprofit Email Ideas For Your Marketing Strategy

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Fundraising

Looking for a way to engage your nonprofit’s supporters and increase open rates? Emails are a great way to engage with your donors and keep them involved.

According to a recent statistic, a quarter of nonprofit email recipients open their emails. While this statistic is high compared to other marketing emails, it could be better. Having higher open rates can translate to increased support from your donors. In this article, we provide seven of the best nonprofit email ideas for your marketing strategy to get a head start engaging (or re-engaging) with your supporters!

1. Welcome Emails

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An extremely important step to take when receiving new email subscribers is by giving them a warm welcome. While there are multiple ways to do this, it is imperative that your supporters see your organization putting its best foot forward.

To do this, consider introducing your organization’s mission, vision, and accomplishments. This way, potential new donors can see the value that your organization provides and the potential it holds.

2. Once Upon a Time…

One of our favorite best nonprofit email ideas for your marketing strategy: storytelling.

Much of marketing’s purpose is to tell a story in hopes of drawing in supporters. By telling inspirational stories of your organization’s work, it will not only translate into an emotional connection with your audience but may also correlate to higher email open rates.

3. Highlights & Updates

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Make sure to keep your donors in the loop with weekly/monthly updates! These emails can share information about recent numbers, milestones, timelines, and more. By showing the progress your organization is making, donors are more likely to continue their support!

4. Happy Holidays

Holidays are an amazing time to reconnect with your supporters! Capitalize on the holiday season when people are in the spirit of giving. Consider sending out holiday wishes along with donation requests. Perhaps offer subscribers the ability to gift a donation on someone’s behalf, advertising it as, “the gift that keeps on giving”.

5. Thank You

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Don’t forget to thank your current supporters! Make sure to let them know that you appreciate them. While thanking them, show them how far their support has taken your organization. Provide stats or major milestones your organization has reached recently, due to their contributions.

6. Matching Donations

Another best nonprofit email idea for your marketing strategy: matching donations. Many individuals are more inclined to support your organization if their donations are matched. This notion of doubling one’s impact is a great way to capitalize on the desire to make a significant difference!

7. Volunteer

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Recruit volunteers through your emails! Use these messages as a way to notify your supporters of upcoming opportunities your organization is holding, inviting them to get involved.

Ultimately, consistency is key in increasing email open rates and donations. While it is important to keep engaging your donors, your organization does not want to come off as desperate. That is why it is vital that your marketing efforts maximize efficiency. 

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